Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Frugal Living A -- Z

A-- Attitude -- what is your attitude towards money? savings? thriftiness?

B--  Budget -- have a budget so you know where your money is going.

C-- Clearance Sales -- why pay full price?

D-- Debt -- eliminate it. destroy it. create a plan and work towards it.

E-- Entertainment-- here is a link for 19 ways to save on entertainment.

F-- FREE events -- When I start looking, I am amazed by all the free events -- parks, colleges, cities host many free events -- even a few weeks ago, National Parks were free for a week (they are also free on certain days during the year.) Click here for more details.

G-- Garage Sales-- shop them and have them!

H-- Have fun. Remember when you were a kid and the box and bows were more fun to play with than the gifts themselves?  It's not much different as adults.

I-- Internet-- use it to help you find ideas to save money. They web is filled with blogs, webpages and podcasts on frugal living.  Two of my favorites:, and,

J-- Just do it! Set goals, plan and execute.

K-- KISs --Keep It Simple --whatever it is, simpler usually means less money will be involved.

L-- Laundry soap made is a lot cheaper than store bought. Also, hanging clothes out to dry saves bucko bucks on your electricity bill.

M-- Money -- you can either spend less than you make, get in debt or bring in more revenue to meet your spending. 

N-- No financial secrets between spouses. Husbands and wives should both know what is happening with their money.

O-- Open your heart and mind to new ideas, creativity and life without stuff.

P-- Phone around-- once a year I call around and see if I can get a better rate for our insurance, cable (when we had cable), cellphone and internet provider.  Almost every year, I find a new company that will give us the same, if not better service for the same price, or less.  And if you call to cancel your current provider, they will suddenly have all kinds of great deals to give you.

Q-- Quit trying to catch up with the Jones'!

R-- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

S-- Scratch, cooking that is. Your food bill is smaller when you buy the basics and cook at home.

T-- Television -- do you need cable? With our digital antenna, we get over 20 channels. Can you have a smaller cable package? shows online?  library -- our library caries a lot of TV series and movie DVDs.

U-- Use what you have. Do you really need a new one? bigger one? flashier one?

V-- Value relationships, experiences and life.

W-- Wanting what??  "Happiness is not having what you want. It is wanting what you have." Rabbi Hyman Schachtel

X--  eXamine yourspending habits. Keep your receipts for a month and see where it all goes.  I think you will be quite surprised.

Y--  -- simply amazing the videos that are there from teaching your a trade or skill to simply saving money. 

Z-- Zee End

And that, my friends, is 

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