Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saving $ with the laundry

I need to be frank with you. Money in our household is tight. VERY tight!---- So I have learned to make my dollars stretch as farrrrrrrrrrr as they can. One of the things I do is make homemade laundry soap and stain remover.  There are many different kinds of soap, and multiple recipes.  Below is the recipe that I make with pictures to show.
the ingredients

Laundry Detergent Recipe:
* 1/3 bar of grated Nels Fels, Fels Naptha, Ivory or Zote soap

* 1/2 cup washing soda --- note: it is washing soda, not baking soda

* 1/2 cup Borax
Grate the soap and mix with 6 cups water in a big pot.  Bring to a boil and cook until the soap is all melted.

melting the soap
 Add the soda and Borax. Stir until all is melted and mixed well. Turn off stove and have pot sit for a minute. 

the soda, borax and soap mixture

 In a bucket, pour 4 cups HOT water.  Then pour soap-soda-borax mixture in. Mix. Add 1 gallon + 6 cups water.  

the mixture in a bucket with more water being added

mixing up the mixture

I usually pour into used laundry containers.  Let sit over night. The soap will become a semi-solid globby (egg-noodly-soupy) mixture. Use 1/2 Cup with a full load of laundry

a. there are not a lot of suds with this soap. So if you don't see any, that is fine. Soap does clean without suds.
b. If you want to have a scent to you soap, add some essential or fragrance oil.  1/2 to 1 ounce per batch.
c. for High Efficiency (HE) Front-Load Washers: I have done some research on the internet and have found that this soap is safe. HE washers require special soap because they use less water and thus use less sudsy soap, which this recipe is for.
d. all of these can be found at your grocery store in the laundry detergent aisle, especially if the store caters to shoppers who cook more from scratch than prepared meals. If you can't find it, just ask a clerk.

Here is a link for even more recipes, including dry recipes that you don't have to cook:

~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

Homemade stain spray is even easier. I love this and have found it gets out even the yuckiest of stains.

1 C. ammonia
1 C. dish soap
1 C. water.

Pour into spray bottle. Shake a few times to mix before spraying on clothes. This is not a good recipe for pretreating clothes.  It works best when clothes are sprayed just before being washed.

Yep! that's it and it's ready to go. I like to add a marble to my spray bottle to help mix up the mixture.

I am not sure the cost savings, as I buy most of these items in the fall during our case lot sales. but I saw on one blog post that the store bought laundry soap costs about $0.30/load while homemade soap costs $0.01/ load.  The cost of the stain remover is about $0.50/spray bottle full vs. about $3.00 a store bought bottle.  Next fall, I will save my receipts and do my own calculations.

And stretching those dollars to fit your budget, is my friends,

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