Tuesday, September 25, 2012

getting back in the saddle--

WOW! WOW!  WOW! What a summer and for that matter, what a year!! Lots of ups (husband's new job & fun family vacations) and a tremendous amount of downs (family problems, financial strains). Many things had to give, and my grand plan of organizing my house was one of them. Earlier this year, I found a great organizing website that had a 52 weeks to an organized home challenge.   I started strong, wavered, tried again, did well and then life got in the way and the whole idea/plan/motivation fell fast and hard. 

I did, this summer, have a huge garage sale with family.  And what didn't sell, we donated to a thrift store.  It was amazing how much we sold and even more amazing was what was left to give away.  It was refreshing to be rid of all those items.

Well, I am getting my groove back.  I am setting boundaries and meeting goals.  I have some house and yard help. I am getting a good night's sleep. I am ready to tackle organizing the home.  I am not sure where exactly I ended with the challenge originally, but the nice thing about the website is one can start at anytime. So this week, I am joining back at week #39: Outgrown & Seasonal Clothing Storage  

And that, my friends, is

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

for teachers ---

I am a teacher and am always on the look out for websites to help me out.  Here are my favorite top six sites. If you have a favorite, please share! I would love to visit more.

A website created to be an open market for teachers.  Lots and lots of ideas, worksheets and lesson plans.  Some you pay for and some are free.  If you create worksheets, this may be the place for you to sell them to others. 

A fairly new website, but if you post a list of supplies you need, you can get FREE wet wipes and paper towels for your classroom. 

This website is to help you be a better home economist.  As a teacher and working mom, I have used many of the ideas here.  It also posts FREE books to download from Amazon.com and FREE printables for homeschooling, which I have used in the schools just as easily.

This website boasts of having over 4000 FREE lesson plans! WOW!  In addition, it has a classified section, job board, mailings and more.

This website offers FREE custom made puzzle makers including: criss-cross, fallen phrases, mazes, cryptograms, and hidden messages.

and lastly ---

This website gives you a FREE version of customizing your own jeopardy game.  Great to use with an inter-write board for reviews.  I have used this with junior high kids as well as high school kids and they all love it.


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