Monday, May 7, 2012

the pile no more....

OK folks. I did it.  The pile is gone.  Yep. Completely gone.  (And it has now been gone for two days.)  It took me a while to get motivated Saturday afternoon.  Typical me, I had to play in the flower beds, water the garden, walk around the block, wash my hair.... pretty much anything to avoid the pile.  I eventually ran out of things to do and had to face it.  So first, I got out the music.

Things I found, among other things:  
expired coupons

smashed and torn bow

Did I tell you I am a pile person?  Even in cleaning, I have piles:
Eight piles to be exact........ 

The piles I threw out:


Almost done.....


To help keep the pile at bay, I had this on this file holder on counter already.  I just added a file for me, my husband and Miss M.  The binder in the back is my Mama Plan-It book.

Ok --- scroll down for the finished project------

yep, scroll a little more...... for the pile is gone.

remember the before: 

And again, the after (but bigger):

And, a pile no more, is, my friends

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