Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lunch Ideas

I am all the time trying to get lunch ideas for my family ---  lunches that we eat at home, on the road as well as at school and work.  I have looked at many ideas and here is the list I came up with: 

apple slices and peanut butter or almond butter or Nutella

bagel with butter
baked potato
buttered noodles

carrots, pepper strips, celery & hummus
celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins
chicken nuggets
cold leftover meatloaf with ketchup
cottage cheese and fruit
cream cheese and jelly
Egg salad on bread or crackers
English muffin pizzas

fruit cup
fruits and veggies
fruit salad
grilled cheese
grilled veggies
guacamole and chips or crackers

ham slices and cheese not on a sandwich
hard boiled eggs
hot dogs and baked beans
hummus and pita and/or veggies
kabobs --cheese cubes, fruit cubes, chicken cubes, and veggie cubes

leftovers--which at our house we call "Venegas Buffet"
lettuce leaves to wrap a sandwich instead of break


nutella and banana

oil-based pasta salad with veggies and meat or tuna
pasta salads
PB and banana and/or honey, instead ofjelly
pasta with a bit of butter and grated Parmesan cheese

salad in a container with dressing packed separately
sandwiches with cheese, vegetables, roasted veggies, hummus
sliced oranges
soup in thermos*

taco salad
trail mix
tuna salad or chicken salad stuffed into a hollowed out tomato or pepper
whole-wheat crackers and cheese, meat, or hummus or pretzel or pita chips

*Thermos tip: In the morning, heat up soup or the leftovers.  Pout boiling water into your thermos, then pour it out and put the heated up food in there.  Put the thermos lid on.  The food usually will stay warm until lunch time.

Do you have any lunch ideas to share?

Having lots of choices and a list on hand, is my friends, 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Green habits

This year, I chose for one of my resolutions it to develop two new green habits. I have decided one habit it to use more reusable bags to cut down on the plastic bags that are brought into our house.  I don't know about you, but plastic bags seem to over take us. Plastic grocery bags are made from natural gas and petrolium.  I hate the idea of having, yet, another petroleum based product in our house. Someday I would love to be rid of my petroleum dependance.  I have a bunch of canvas bags, but for various reasons, they are not always used.

My new plan is thus:

1. Keep a few canvas bags in the car near the driver's seat so I will see them.

2. Make a note on my grocery list to bring bags.

And, that my friends, is



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