Friday, April 27, 2012

April Books

Here are the books I have read this past month and/or are reading now.
The Courage to be Rich: Creating a Life of Material and Spiritual Abundance

I am reading this book, because as I need some courage!  As mentioned in a previous post, life has thrown us a curve ball we didn't see coming and we have a huge medical bill to pay.  I love Ms. Orman's books and this one is reminding me to plan, budget and execute.  There is hope for all to be out of debt.

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I think I am about the only person who didn't enjoy Hunger Games.  I read it for the book club I am a part of.  Though I didn't like it, I do like reading books I wouldn't necessarily read on my own. Yeah for book clubs!  My book club read all three books in the series, but I didn't go to the meetings for the other two books.  Yep, a coward.  But I'll be back next month.  I am about to start Mocking Jay so I can see if a) the books get better and b) to see how the world all ends.  ( I do want to watch the movie, Hunger Games, if nothing else to see Katniss' dress on fire.)

Readers Digest Select Editions (Crossfire By Francis, Sweet Misfortune By Milne, Outwitting Trolls By Tapply, Letters From Home By Mcmorris - Volume 2) (Reader's Digest Select Editions)
My light reading this month comes for a Reader's Digest Condensed Book-- but they don't call them that any more. It is Select Editions.  I just finish Crossfire -- a murder-mystery-blackmail-suspense among horse racing. I just started Sweet Misfortune --  which so far is a delightful romance. The protagonist owns a chocolate shop.  It reminds me of when my mom used to make homemade chocolates at Christmas time.  I have never done it, but I am being inspired to open up my own chocolat de Jenny Shoppe!

Life on The Mississippi (Signet Classics) 

I was reading this book last month, but needed a break. I enjoy reading of life on the Mississippi and the working of the grand old boats, but sometime Mark Twain rambles on and on and on.  So after Mocking Jay, I will get back to it and finish.

And reading books, my friend, is

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