Saturday, December 29, 2012

This Year's Goals

'Tis the season of the new year and the accompanying resolutions.  Here is a list of mine for 2013.

~ In bed by 9:30 - up by 6am (during the week)
~ Treadmill 4x/week
~ Work on photo albums 2x/month
~ Find more ways to perform service for others
~ More gratitude in my heart
~ Cut back to part time work

~ Family Time each Sunday afternoon
~ Miss M plays outside the house 2x/week
~ Date night w/sweetie 2x/month
~ Christmas gifts all ready for wrapping by Thanksgiving.  (Usually I do this, but this year I was behind and it was too stressful for me with last minute gift buying.)

~ Continue to work on being organized by following 52 weeks to an organized home
~ Redo kitchen
~ Paint the downstairs
~ Try two new habits to be more 'green.'
~ Host another community garden
~ get ride of (donate/sell/throw out) 50 boxes of stuff

~ Pay off medical bill
~ Increase monthly savings amounts for retirement & emergency funds
~ Pay cash for our vacation to Colombia

We are still deciding what direction and what we want to do with our jewelry business.  Those goals will be posted later.

2012 was quite hard for us.  I look to 2013 with a very optimistic heart with many surprises awaiting for us. 

What are your goals for the year?


  1. We visited Cartagena a few years ago and loved it. best of luck on your 2013 goals!

  2. Jenny M -- I hope you liked Cartagena. I have never been to Colombia and am very excited to go.



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