Friday, April 20, 2012

Favorite Movies-----

I love movies!  I love going to the theater. I love the smells, the large screen, the yummy treats.  All of it.  It is a favorite.

I don't get to the movie theater much anymore, but I do enjoy renting videos.  We have gotten on to BlockBuster online because my sweetheart and I love to watch independent films. And ordering movie online gives us a wonderful selection of independent movies. 

Yes, we watch Hollywood movies, but often, we get tired of good story lines filled with random sex scenes, graphic violence and profanity. It isn't our cup of tea.  We have found that a lot of independent films have great stories without the extra junk.  

While we are always on the look out for good entertainment to bring into our homes. I remember reading about Kirk Cameron being in an independent romantic movie.  Mr. Cameron, or can I just call him, Kirk, was my boyfriend while growing up.  Really! We had a standing date. Each Thursday I made sure I was home to watch him on Growing Pains.  All my friends did. We knew, as 13year-olds, that in our heart of hearts, he would end up marrying one of us.  sigh!  So when I heard of him new film, I was curious.  

It took me a while to a. remember to look for it at the video store and b. remember to look for it at the video store.  When I finally remembered, the clerk gave me the name, FireProof, but it was rented.  When the movie was available, I snagged it up.  And, what can I say, Mr. Cameron looked great. sigh!  But more importantly, the story line was beautiful!  

The movie is about a firefighter who is in an unhappy marriage.  As the couple heads towards divorce, the firefighter's dad challenges him to 40-day Love Dare.  And thus, the makings for a good movie.


As I read more about the movie's beginnings, I learned that the movie was produced by a church who feels it is their ministry to make good movies.  What a great concept for a ministry!!

We have since watched, Courageous which is a powerful movie about the importance of fathers in their child's live.  We are now waiting to rent their other movies, Facing the Giants and Flywheel.  I am sure we will be entertained and uplifted with these two. 



Along these same lines, here is another inspiring movie, and a new favorite of mine, Faith Like Potatoes.  In fact, that is my new thought to keep me going. You will need to watch the movie to understand the power behind the phrase.  :)

These films are distributed through AffirmFilms, a subsidy of Sony Pictures.  AffirmFilms' goal is to provide entertainment that inspires & uplifts.  Who knew?  And how exciting!!

And, watching great movies that inspire and having faith like potatoes, my friends, is

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