Monday, January 23, 2012


The spices

Here are some photos of before and after challenge of the pantry and spice cupboard.  I am still working on the basement, but it is promising.

The pantry

I have to laugh at the pantry before and after pictures.  While cleaning it, I took everything out, I washed down the shelves and rearranged some items to that is was grouped better.  I like how it is organized now.  But when my sweet husband looked at the pictures, he liked how the "before" picture looked better than that "after." Well, at least I tried....

I did complete challenge #1, of cleaning off the kitchen counters, but alas, the pictures are missing. (We have had computer/internet issues the last little bit and it ain't groovy.) Next up is the refrigerator and freezer challenge for the week.  And bring it on! I am ready.

* * * * * *

Of another note, we just finished up the last of our tomatoes from our garden.  Every fall, I pull up some plants and hang them upside down in our barn.  They are able to ripen with some protection from the frost.  YUM!! YUM!! Next year I will take pictures to post so you see how it is done.

An organized kitchen and fresh tomatoes in January, is, my friends,


  1. Did you see my post on FB when I reorganized our linen closet? I got that idea off of IHeartOrganizing. There are three pics of it in my FB photos under Linen Closet Revamp. It was a fun project.

  2. Yes, Ann, I saw your FB post. I love your linen closet!! When I get to my linen closet, it will be quite the project.



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