Friday, January 6, 2012

Holiday yams

Once upon a time, my father, wanted to add to our holiday meals.  He remembered his mother's delicious yams and so he called her for the recipe.  She hadn't cooked the yams in years and could only remember that there was brown sugar on the cut up yams.

This turned into a 30 year quest for the perfect recipe that his mother used to make.

One year his concoction became alive. I am not sure what he combined in the skillet, but the more he cooked it, the bigger the sauce became.  After a few minutes, it would grow, expand and erupt with one big a slow boil.  He took it off the stove top, but it still continued to grow.  He took the skillet out to the garage and it, truly, was still growing. Needless to say, we didn't eat candied yams that year. 

Many years and multiple recipes later, it became the family joke. What would he do with the yams at this years' Thanksgiving?

Well, this year, He did it!  His mother's long lost recipe was found and once again returned to the recipe files of the family.   He claims he had vision in a dream...or was it a dream in a vision.... well, either way he woke up with the idea that the yams and brown sugar were joined by some butter for perfection.  And in this moment of revelation, he came to realize that he could search the internet for the perfect recipe!  After hours of searching recipe (and pictures because it had to look right!) of candied yams, he found the holy grail!! 

And we ate many delicious candied yams at Thanksgiving, knowing that this was the beginning of many years of delicious yams! 

And, that, my friends, is 

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