Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm Back....

YEAH!! After almost 3 weeks, we have phone, internet and TV service again.  I am so, so, soooooo, happy. We did borrow our neighbor's cell during this time, but it was sometimes a funny sight with how my husband and I used the cell....it took us 2-1/2 weeks to figure out how to answer the phone. We never figured out how to retrieve messages from the cell.  But oh well. Some day we may get a cell of our own...but for now we choose to spend the money else where.

And the internet....you are like a long lost friend.  (Sure, I use the internet at work everyday---many times a day in fact, but almost all of my favorite sites are blocked--like blogs, YouTube and Facebook.)  It is nice to have you back in my life.  But my internet friend, I have realized that I tend to spend too much time with you and I have other things I want to do. 

My dearest cable friend, we got you for the World Cup, and now we remembered and found the old antenna with a digital converter box works fine, thank you very much.  I will miss my money shows on Saturday night, Suzi Orman and 'Til Debt Do Us Part.  That is true.  And reruns at 3am when I can't sleep are a delight.  But we want to spend the money elsewhere.  Please don't fret!  My husband guarantess that, you cable, will be back with the coming of the next World Cup!!

Why were we without service for so long?? Well, Northern Utah, where we live, had a terrible, intense wind storm a few weeks ago. Branches fell, trees were uprooted, fences collapsed and shingles were carried away. Many big branches of our neighbors' pine tree snapped and fell. And as they fell, they took our out our cable line which gave us access to phone, internet and cable. My husband's work and my work were both canceled by 9:30am that day due to power outages.  Our power at our house was out until about 8pm that evening.   I didn't get any pictures of our messes, but here are a website with some great pictures: http://www.standard.net/slideshows/2011/12/01/high-winds-cause-damage-all-over-northern-utah

We ended up switching services for phone and internet.  And without cable, we will be saving over $60 and yet our needs and wants are still fulfilled.

And that, my friends, is:

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